Monday, January 10, 2011

Mon Jan 11

I just know that this week is going to be hard.

I got home today, ready to get in my workout, and as soon as I was in the door,a baby was promptly handed to me and I was sat on the couch and told to feed him. So, I did. The we fell asleep. Which was cool.

Then, I fed him again, then I put some fish on the BBQ. Now, say what you will about men cooking on open flame .. but Salmon off of the BBQ is simply friggin awesome.

I ate this on the day:

Breakfast: coffee and a Tim Horton's belt.

Snack: Coffee

Lunch: roast beef sandwich and water to drink

Dinner Salmon and asparagus (which is probably the healthiest thing I have eaten in the last four months. Seriously) with water and a glass of red win to drink.

After dinner, the boy somehow landed in my lap again ... and so I fed him again. Then I changed him. Then I burped him, then got him to sleep. Then I did something crazy:

warm up, 30 lb KB swings, presses. Skipping for a few minutes.

Ladder with the 70 lb KB: 2 handed swings, then 45 lb sandbag squats

between each set of swings I did ten push ups, too. So the first rounds looked like this:

10 two handed swings, (one single handed snatch, each side, too) 10 SB squats, 10 push ups. Then 8 two handed swings, snatch, 8 SB squats, 10 push ups. 6,1,6,10 push ups etc.

Then, after I finished that ladder, I went for a 6k run.

That was a good workout. I'm hurting. But it's a good hurt.

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