Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tues Jan 25

Today was a drag is so many ways. Firstly, I just did not sleep well. I got to bed before the 2am feeding .. I mean I was sleeping beside my son, waiting for him to wake up and want food. When I finally woke up, I had to get my wife to do the feeding, I was so bonked. I woke up at 5:30 to get the day going.

At least I did a Timmy Ho's run for my wife and just got coffee for me.

Got to work, after a second run to Timmy's, then settled in to my work routine. People can be so needy at times, I'll just put that out there. Brutal.

Anyway, got home in the door and wanted to get my lifting done, except my wife shook my hand at the door and left to get out of the house and pick up my kids from school. Sort of in that order, but were not sure. She brought home dinner, even after I had planned something already. Meh.

In the end, it was toughest when I tried to coordinate a run with all the sleeping and other schedules; quite frankly, I was looking for some support with a "yeah, go for a run" kind of affirmation. Instead I get a "Bleep. Go for your bleeping run. And be bleeping quick. I need to go to bleeping sleep."

Yeah, not a great deal of support, man. Needed to vent that. Put it out there, so to speak.

Got a run in, anyway, a 5.5k run. The weather, at least, has turned warm. The rest of the life here is turned rather chilly.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee, Belt and another coffee. Yeah, I felt compelled to caffinate myself.

lunch: tuna, veggies, water and hummus

snack: black coffee

Dinner: one slice of pizza (what my wife brought home), a roast beef and veggie wrap, water to drink

after run snack: almonds, water and amultivitamin and extra Vit C. to fight this head cold/sore throat I'm working on.

Couple of other comments / random comments I'll make and then leave it at that:

One of my FB friends/SC coaches posted an unreal message he got from a psycho friend who didn't like the fact that one of his posts was deleted. He cut my friend off, blocked him, but not before leaving a foul mouthed post. Me, being me, googled him and read some of the weird guy's postings on other people's walls. Turns out he's a pretender to the US Olympic speed skating team, placing in the mid 20th spot at the Trials. Ya know... this is why I like rugby and wrestling a whole lot better - the people are just that much more willing to be told to go bleep themselves.

Looks like extra work starts mid February and lasts until mid June. I've got no idea what that will mean to my rugby season, or to some of the other training/events I wanted to do. I guess I will have to work around that. Good thing I already have a decent workout spot in my house.

It is pretty cool that I got to wear some skinny clothes to work today. I wore a pair of pants I've not been able to fit into for three years - since the last time I cut to 96 kilos and fought at Nationals.

Watching the tv show X-Weighted is pretty darn cool. I'm impressed with how far I've come by merely reducing the amount of alcohol I drink. But I won't stop working out - I'm finally feeling good about some of the stuff I'm seeing in the mirror. And my wife, despite what she said today, has also noticed.


  1. You've got your support here. It takes commitment to reach goals, sometimes other people don't understand them or the steps involved but as long as you keep going it will work out in the end. Wouldn't be able to be much a father if you were lying in a hospital would you? Had a bit of the same thing today, so nicely timed post.

  2. thanks, man - sleep is something you never really pay attention to until you don't get enough. Like support.