Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thurs Jan 6

I truly hate fat pictures of me ... this is from this past summer; as you can tell, I took August off of training.

Last night was depressing on so many fronts. That melting of the hockey team in the last period of the game was just awful. Such a shame, really.

At least the US didn't win, man. And, more importantly, Canada beat them to get into the finals. It's really a shame, really. All that work, all that effort and they let themselves down like that. Not much else to say. In the past, might have had a few pints to drown my sorrow and made today that much harder to get through. As it is, it's hard enough. Being hungover might have made today impossible.

Anyway, life is going on. I'm trying to get back to a schedule. I think today will be the next step back into a regular timetable. With a schedule, I can plan what I can do to get up that mountain. I'm a bit rushed these days, and I'm getting pressured to change my good habits, but I am doing the best I can with what I have

I ate this today:
Couldn't get my smoothie again today, as I had to keep quiet as the baby was sleeping in the living room/ kitchen.Coffee and a BELT on the way in. Water when I got to work, too.

Snack: almonds and coffee.

Lunch: Salad, tuna, almonds, prunes, carrots and hummus. Water to drink.

Dinner: roast beef and veggie wraps. Asparagus, too.

I have a meeting in the afternoon, which is ok. Usually there is no worries about me cheating and having a snack, as there is usually no food at these meetings. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing. ;)

I did five rounds of this before being interrupted by a need to feed a newborn:

20 swings 53 lbs - last round 70 lb KB
6-8 OH presses 53 lbs
20 BW Squats
10 tricep extension
10 bicep curl
6-8 deadlist
5 chin ups
10 knees to chest while holding on to the chin up bar.

I had to get something done today - no running as the snow was starting to pile up outside.

Speaking about melting snow:

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