Monday, January 30, 2012

Mon jan30

Im on the iPad, so thos will be a quick little post. That, and its late and i feel like garbage at the moment. Just too much Reading of tweets that depressed the living hell out of me. I honestly dont know why i do that.

Ate this

Breakfast smoothie: frozen berries and milk coffee on the way in

Snack peppers and hummus, walnuts and milk

Lunch tomato sandwich, hummus with peppers, walnuts and prunes, water to drink

Snack mushrrom with hummus

Dinner. Pizza with chicken breast , mushrrom and tomato on top, water to drink

Had a power nap after dinner, got the kids to bed and shovelled for about a half hour. Did my driveway, neighbours on both sides and a faolir amount of sidewalk.

Stepped inside and did this for five rounds;

30 kb two handed swings
20 feet up push ups

Meh, i feel tired and cranky, off to bed.

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