Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Feb 24

Wow, I'm glad this week is over. Another day off, driving to a conference in Niagara Falls. It's actually more work for me not to be at work than for me to be off at something like that. Before I left, I checked weight, I was 219; 7.5lbs to go.

I'm not sure that came out right, but let's just say I'm glad that next week looks normal. Let's hope all my children are healthy.

I read of fcaebook that tpaout was doing some wrestling at 5:30, so I went, got back home at 7pm. I did about an hour of stand up with a very large man - outweighed me by about 60 lbs. Normally, I can out muscle people, but not this guy. I am a few Advils in at the moment, and wearing a nice sweater to keep my back warm. I'm checking weight tomorrow, regardless of what I ate today. Which was mostly crap.

Breakfast: smoothie - frozen berries and milk. I shared with one of my children; she thought it "tasted funny". I guzzled mine down without much of a thought.

Snack: coffee

Lunch: burger and fries. Yeah, its what they had when I lined up for food. Water to drink. Coffee later.

Dinner: pizza and water. Two small pieces, but pizza never the less. I know, I know.

During training tonight, I drank a lot of water, and was sweating it out like a madman. Seriously. I think they think I'm a weirdo, man. Which is ok, I guess, 'cuz I guess I am a bit off of normal. And I like it.

One of my mantras is, in fact, "why be normal?" Can I get an Amen?

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