Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Feb 3

Well, today was a switch day - I went from working the morning shift to working an afternoon shift. I hate these days, I get all mixed up; I'm glad I didn't show up to work a few hours early, to be honest.

I ate this:

Breakfast bowl of leftover chilli. Was good to have that meat and vegetables in me after a quick gym workout.

Lunch: almonds, red peppers, carrots, with some grilled salmon. Water to drink.

Dinner: pasta with mushroom sauce with added chicken. Water to drink. Simply yummy food this week, man.

After dinner, had a short nap, then got he children to bed. Went to get about an hour's time on the mat with a guy training for an MMA fight in March. Not a bad workout, left sweaty and sore. Will include that in the regular routine.

As mentioned earlier, I did a light workout in the morning, as I didn't want to disappoint the MMA guy. I did this four rounds:

30 KB swings - 40 lb bell used
10 hanging knee raises

I got a bit of a sweat going, and so felt a little better at the end of the workout. On to Saturday!

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