Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Feb 12

I couldn't get away from my kids today - my wife was out for the day, volunteering at a swim meet, so I wanted to do a lot of stuff with them, but the snow just kept us indoors.

I had fun with them inside, though. It was cool. Might have been better, but we still had fun. My youngest is a handful when he wants to be, man.

In any case, I check ed weight (222), got food ready for the week, and I ate this:

Breakfast: roast beef and eggs, coffee and water to drink

Snack: slice of fresh roast beef

Lunch: fresh roast beef on bread with peppers. Water to drink.

Dinner: meat balls and rice, water to drink.

Right, after all that meat, you know I'm writhing in pain right now. But it's a good pain. After everyone was in bed, I did a 5k run, too. I am really liking Slowgeek and Smashrun as websites. They integrate the data from the Nike+ website and just make it better. That, and I can see how people cheat, too.

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