Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sat Feb 26

So today. Yeah, just going to fill this in a get to bed.

Ate poorly:

Breakfast: coffee and some roast beef

Snack: small slice of left over pizza

Lunch: open faced roast beef sandwich

Dinner: burger with deep fried onion rings. Cheat meal.

Well, cheat day, really. I'm thinking this is the last one before I get myself into too much trouble at weigh ins.

I did a workout with my youngest daughter today, too.

A whole bunch of rounds of:

15 BW squats
15 KB swings
30 seconds of punches on the punching bag

Do one set of these, then a short obstacle course. Seriously, I didn't keep count, but I was doing this for about a half hour.

After dinner, went for a 5 k run. Felt good.

Going to bed.

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