Monday, February 20, 2012

Sat, Sun and Mon - the long wrap up.

This was a long weekend here in Ontario. Which, for most means a lot of relaxing. Yeah, not around here. We're stressed, thanks to money. Doesn't help when people email you and ask you to travel overseas, then call you a brat for not being able to afford the time off or the money.

Who uses the word "brat" anymore, anyways? Meh, another stick for the fire.

Saturday was busy, but I got a run in. As was Sunday. And Monday.

Generally, I ate ok. Saturday was not ok. Hilarious, really. My house ran out of food, man. So, I literally ate one meal Saturday mid morning of only birthday cake. Seriously, the most silly thing I've done in a while. Dinner was good: steak and vegetables, but that was really the only meal of the day.

Sunday wasn't much better, but there was a lot of water going in my body. Eggs, coffee, ham with some bread and pasta. Not the best, but better than BD cake.

Monday had another birthday party for one of my kids, and there was only a slight bit of cake. I left the rest at my father in law's house. I mean that cake was huge - and I just didn't want it at my house, man. I did eat lots of raw vegetables, too. And water.

I did get a chance to get to Tpaout. Seems complete, merely waiting on the City. Met a few guys training there, but I had two kids, so I had to get out of there rather quickly. I don't like to mess up training for others.

I am looking fit, but need to get back to a regular schedule to make sure I get to where I want to be. This week looks complicated, but I know I will get my training done, despite it being significantly different than usual. I'll just have to use care and intelligence.

Oh, and I watched this awesome video. Gives me a few ideas for this spring and summer outside training.


  1. Sounds like a busy life indeed. Good luck in this weeks training.

  2. I put a rather non-chalant feeling to it here, Boris, but it's difficult to keep my head above water sometimes. Thanks, dawg.