Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wed and thurs

Hmmm i dunno what happened to wednesdays post.. eaten by the internet tros or something

Breakfast smoothie and coffee

Lunch chicken, carrots, peppers with almonds. Water to drink

Snack almonds and tea

Dinner chicken and pasta

After work, did a 6 k run in the warm(ish) sunshine. This is one weird february.

On thursday;

Breakfast smoothie woth coffee

Snack coffee woth banana bread with moar coffee - boss was buying

Lunch peppers, carrots, and the last of the spicy chicken breast. Water to drink.

Dinner: awesome vegetable stir fry over rice. Honest it was so good my kids ate it. Broccoli, caiflower, carrots, chicken breast and onion. I had mine with some Sirachi sauce .. which elevated it to ohmygodthatwassogood level

After most were in bed, did the easiest 5k run in a while.

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