Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thurs Feb 9

Well, this was a "Foul and Fair" day ... just like in Macbeth. Had witches make an appearance, too.

Morning workout was this five rounds:

2 minutes of punching bag
20 push ups
20 hanging knee tucks
20 KB snatches each side

Nothing fancy, really, but enough to get a real good sweat on. I felt a lot better after getting this done.

I ate this:

Breakfast: smoothie, no coffee

After training meal: eggs and roast beef. Multivitamin. Water and then coffee on the way in.

Lunch: carrots, yellow pepper, tuna, almonds and water

Dinner: stir fry broccoli, chicken, roast beef and carrots. Served over rice. Water to drink.

After work, got to meet with a nice lady at the bank who could do basically nothing for us. Got a nice call from my boss telling me that I could do more extra shifts. But the stuff from work overrode all of that. Constant. Will not end.

And it still goes on.

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