Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Feb 21

I thought today I'd be back to normal, but no. Puke everywhere.

I did get this done, though:

20 one handed swings (rh)
20 one handed swings (lh)
20 alternating swings
20 two handed swings
40 step ups (20 started with each foot)
10 hanging knees to chest
20 feet up push ups
10 wrestling dummy standing greco lifts

The last one I found on Youtube as a part of my searching these last few days. Seemed to be a good finisher. Did this workout for four rounds, then had to get to being a dad.

Right, ate ok, too:

Breakfast: coffee

Snack: ham sandwich, lots of water to drink

Lunch: meatball sandwich, extra Sirachi sauce. Water to drink

Snack: had to QC the roast beef I prepared.

Dinner: pancake, water to drink.

S'all good. I'm in to Tpaout tomorrow for a workout. Will take pics.

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