Friday, March 4, 2011

Fri March 4

I think I got a few new readers to my blog ... it's amazing what a few well placed email and responses will do to the stats of a blog. I'm going to keep going forward, just like they tell you in the rugby textbooks.

I had a rather odd morning, man. My kids stayed with me until 9am, even though we were all up at our regular 6am wake up time. I sat and played with my kids, reading and listening to music with them. At about 8am, I got my workout in for the day. I didn't move the car out of the garage, so I had a very small space to get work done. but I got it done. Almost done, my middle child came in, nearly crying. She wanted to workout with me ... and I had to promise that I would work out with her after school today. My eldest child,right behind her, saw me doing a set of body weight squats and complimented me on my form.

I love my family.

Did this cramped set five times before work today:

10 30 lb Kb cleans each side
20 body weight squats
10 bicep curls
10 tri cept extensions
5 chin ups

Nothing too much, as I am planning to participate in a kettlebell competition on the weekend. I just wanted to get something done before the day. I will probably have a second workout today, but not sure what that one will look like. Most likely lots of stretches and gymnastic movements.

I ate this today:

breakfast: poached egg and chicken breast. OJ and coffee to drink. (I had a discussion as to how I make a poached egg last night. Here is a final product for breakfast:

Snack: coffee

Lunch canned tuna on salad, hummus and carrots, water to drink

Dinner: roast beef and veggies wraps ... then I had another "just veggie" wrap. Man that spciy goo just makes everything taste good.

I went and got family pictures done, then came home and needed a glass of wine to forget the stress. currently waiting for my boy to wake up to feed him. Life is frigging awesome.

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