Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday March 18

Man, today was just messed up. I was up late (or early, depending on your definition) with the youngest boy. As a result, I was asleep at 8am when my youngest was brought into me after his morning feed. He barfed all over me, my clothes, my pillow and my bed.

How's that for a good morning?

Got my kids off with my parents to their cottage for a few days, came home and went for an hour walk with my wife. Felt miserable all day, achy and just not right. Wanted to go to lunch with a buddy of mine, but canceled and had a three hour nap. Got up, went for a few errands, including getting a new Nike+ sensor. Went out to dinner with my wife at a nice place.

All in all, a pretty laid back day - needed, as I felt like crap most of the day. Nice walk, though.

Ate this:

Breakfast: coffee; well, half a cup. Wasn't feeling it.

Lunch: Bagel with some egg. Had some Chimmichurri sauce with it.

Dinner: seafood pasta. Beer to drink. (I know, I can hardly wait to go back to work so that I can get back to eating properly)

Snack: salad fixings in a wrap with some chimmichurri.


  1. How long did you sensor last for?

  2. it was going strong at 22 minutes ... then it just flew off. I'd had that one for about 8 months. The one before that was done after two years.