Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Mar 7

Frantic is the word of the day - running on a treadmill, getting nowhere fast. I had a lousy sleep last night, up with crying children, up early with a sick one. I did get a chance to get a nap in, then take my eldest to the walk in clinic.

No workout in the morning, but I needed sleep.

Got to work on time, sort of, then sat promptly down and ate my breakfast, although it was more of a lunch, really. Got a chance to get reading on using an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch in my line of work. Got a few useful apps for them, and will be continuing work on that on another blog. Lemme know if you want to follow that one, too.

At least I am eating well this morning:

"breakfast" tuna on salad, almonds, prunes and carrot/hummus. Water to drink.

snack was almonds, hummus and carrots with water to drink.

Dinner was not a good time. I like having dinner with my entire family, but my middle child was hungry and so we couldn't wait for my wife and the oldest. I ate with one child, holding the young boy on my lap. I actually at two roast beef wraps with a salad with a side of veggie casserole. Quite good, just not a together meal.

As I got home, I made myself feel like such a tool. I'm putting together my own research project for work, something along the lines of Mov Nat and eating like a cave man. I got home, and I randomly open the 2010 Men's Health Fitness Guide to a random page ... and there's the guy, "Le Carre", doing martial arts on the beach on page 147. I'd had this article in my possession for about a year ... and I open it to the exact page I might want to read a year later. Is that foolish? Or something like Synchronicity? Meh, Made me feel like an idiot.

I hadn't done anything all day, and so I did a very simple workout about 9pm:

Did five rounds of this:

20 body weight squats
25 push ups

10 ab roll outs
15 KB swings

Not a hardcore workout, by any means, but I did not want to "Break the chain", so to speak.

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