Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday March 14

So, I'm off for the week, well, not really as the three kids are keeping me on my feet most of the days. I just got back from a Timmy Ho's run and I'm going to be taking the kids out again later. Go and see the dogs at the local pet store.

I did play a little with Skype today - I'm sure I'll need some help figuring out that one, if only because I saw this:

An excellent idea ... especially for someone like me, someone interested in connecting with other lifters, while at home but cannot get out of the house. Hits so many of the ideas from "Third wave", it's kinda scary.

I ate this today:

breakfast: coffee

Lunch: chicken breast wrap with some veggies. Coffee to drink

Dinner: beef and veggie stew with some hot goo. Red wine to drink.

Not a lot of food, but I'm feeling a little rough around the edges - I'm still sore from the 5k run (no warmup, no cool down) on Saturday. I actually hurt going down steps today. The fact that I had to sleep sitting up both this morning (~3am) and this afternoon (~3pm) is also a factor. Man, my neck hurts from flopping over.


  1. Being sore is even more of a reason to focus on proper nutrition, the body can't heal without the proper nutrients and energy. It's especially important when you want to lose some weight and get overall health.

  2. I should know from years of wrestling that it is a lot harder to heal when hungry. It's just requires a lot better planning than I'm doing at the moment ... ;)

    Thanks man!