Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sun March 27

I'm trying out Rockmelt, a new browser. Seems interesting, although it has already crashed once on me. Today I was under my newborn son a lot of the time, but managed to get a decent workout in, after spending some time with my family.

I did this five times before being interrupted by an exodus:

8-10 dead lifts, 160 lbs.
10 two handed swings, 20 kilo bell used
5 OH snatches both sides
10 tri cep dips
20 step ups, later rounds with a 50 lb back pack
15-20 push ups, various foot heights, various weights on my back
8-10 TRX bw rows
10 ab rolls outs

I stopped when it was time for my wife to leave with one kid for swimming. I fed my boy, then finished my workout while he slept. We went out for a drive and a coffee, which was awesome. So sunny and bright out - cold, though. No walking with him, yet. Maybe next weekend.

I'll post a pic of the results from the Senior Nationals here when they are posted elsewhere. I want to kick myself in the head for missing them. Alas, I made sure I spent today with my boy, my family, so that I wouldn't look back on today with regret.

I ate this today

Breakfast: coffee

Breakfast: eggs and toast, mushrooms and onions, coffee to drink. Lots of fruit for dessert.

Lunch/DInner: steak, veggies and salad. Water to drink. This was awesome off of the BBQ, man. Lot of breakfasts and quick dinners this week, too.

And finally, as a continuing tradition, I give this week a B. Would be higher if I could stay on top of my nutrition a bit better and either get running or get on a mat. Some facebook friends are asking about the Spartan Race in June. It might be nice having some company for that.

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