Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thurs March 31

It's like that, ys'll and you don't stop!

Yeah, as I left my rugby club tonight, I said to a pair of over 35 white men: "Peace out to my g-fly homies". They stopped me and asked me what I had said. So, I translated it for them into "Hey, guys, have a good week. I will see you later."

I think I got that right. Lemme know if I didn't.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. Again. What a drag. I hate it....NOT!

Snack: coffee on the way in. Water to drink

Lunch: tuna, salad, carrots, hummus, almonds .... yadda, yadda, yadda... water to drink. I kept having to pee all day.

Dinner: left over steak, salad, veggies in a wrap. Small piece of lasagna for dessert. Water to drink.

After rugby workout: beer. Salad wraps with Chimichurri sauce. Smelled some awesome beef pies and later some chicken wings, but did not eat any.

I did a lot of sprinting, hitting and falling down/getting up at rugby. Still feeling the step ups from yesterday. Meh. Would rather be in June.

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