Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Mar 1

What a start to the day - crying children and a sore back. I got them to school and got a rather interesting workout done:

warm up with 30 lb Kb, jumping jacks, basic movements for 5 minutes.

3:00 minutes of 40 lb KB snatching ... which was a pretty intense few minutes of work. this is for each side ... I didn't like it very much.

20 zelcher squats with the log - I went down as far as I could, but didn't want to hurt my back, so stayed higher than I normally would.

3:00 of 30 lb Kb snatching ... which went marginally better.

20 zelcher squats

then one more round of KB snatches and Zelcher squats. I was friggin toast. Then stretching and I was done. I was so sweaty and done in by this point in time ... I got the kitchen cleaned up and had to go to work with a breakfast on the way.

Breakfast coffee and a roast beef wrap

Lunch: ham and cheese on a bun with chili and a coffee from Tim Hortons. I have no idea why I ate that. Seriously.

Dinner: Small bowl of pasta with a salad and a handful of almonds for dessert.

After dinner, hung out with my family, got them to bed eventually, then went on a 7k run. Used 800 calories on the run, or so the iPod software told me. Got the baby washed, fed and ready for bed. Currently is almost asleep on the couch. He's so cute when he's semi-conscious and can't roll over.

Got a chance to play with the iPad's apps today:

I think I can use these in my work - to add to presentations and to handouts I have to use. Seriously, the iPad's software makes these types of things pretty darn easy to do. Now, if there was only an app to make losing fat and gaining muscle as easy... ;)

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