Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sun March 6

Sadly, I'm stuck at home instead of at the Toronto Kettlebell Club's Snatch event. The snow has me stuck here.

Did I mention I hate snow?

Instead, I'm looking at stuff on Facebook. Now, before you start telling me I'm not using my time wisely, I'm looking and discovering things that interest me, planning my next workout (which will be in about a half hour) and enjoying time with my family. Even if I'd rather be somewhere else. They didn't bring the snow, so I can't blame them.

Well, maybe I'll just blame the three month old, but I know that would be a joke.

So, you ask, what earth shattering stuff did I see on facebook? Well, a place called Fifth-Ape, a follow up with Greg Carver and some of the stuff he does and, the topper of the bunch, a blog post entitled "WWMD: What would MacGyver Do?"

I really wanted to go to the event today, but if I have to stay home with my kids, I'm glad I made the time digesting so fun that I feel like working out like a cave man.

Did six rounds of this workout:

8-10 deadlifts, ending with 160 lbs
10 step ups each side to a 20 inch step, body weight then ending with 90 lbs of sand bags strapped to me.
10-15 push ups, various weights, various hand positions, various feet heights
20 body weight squats, later with up to 90 lbs of sand bags
3 rounds of wall assisted hand stands
8-10 tricep dips
10 two handed 20kg Kb swings
3 rounds of 10 OH snatch with the 20 kilo Kb
10 each side Russian seated KB twists with 30 lb KB
10 v-sits

whoa, that was a workout. Didn't really think too much of it, as I was so pissed that my trip into the Toronto KB thing was kiboshed. I was pretty pissed until after this workout. Then I was pissed off, but tired.

Anyway, ate this:

Breakfast coffee and steak on a bun. OJ to drink, too

Lunch: tuna on a salad, almonds and OJ to drink.

Snack: almonds

Dinner: was at my parents place - the bleeping snow plow guy made it back to clear the street. Steak and sweet potato, Crunchy salad, water and beer to drink. Fruit truffle for dessert with coffee.

After I got home and the children in bed, did the week's groceries. Got a lot of Airmiles, man. If there is just one thing I can point to today and declare victory, I'm guess that's it.

Oh, I'm thinking I have to give this week a mark. Well, until today's disappointment, I was doing fairly well. I saw 228 on the scale one morning, didn't miss a planned workout that I can recall (I'll check later) and did a light rugby training session. Oh, got Arnold's Bodybuilding for Men for 3.99, too. I also got a thumb drive to put a digital package together for a fitness buddy that lives in Orange County. I should be able to get that to him this week, if he's reading.

Hmmm... I give this week a B-, if only because I didn't get into the Kb Snatch thing.

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