Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thurs Mar 3

This morning, I was friggin' sore, and dawdled over my email and reading this morning and so didn't get a work out in this morning. I also did some grocery shopping for my dinner and for the lunches in the next few weeks. "One Moment of Zen" this morning, was on the drive to work this morning... I was listening to On the Edge Radio and he left the microphone on after the show was over. Kinda funny listening to Greg Edgelow's home life in my car.

I'm just glad he didn't do anything to earn an X rating...

I did think about what they were saying .. making sacrifices to make it to the top of the podium at the various levels. I'm looking around while I am writing this, at a job I love living at a house I can afford because of the job I have... with kids and all that. Do I regret giving up "athletic greatness" for this life of quiet desperation? Would there be a thousand people who'd change lives with me, or more, do you think...

Do I regret anything in my life? Not even for a second, man.

I'd be nice if there was a university close by that would let me train and still have a home life, but there isn't. At least not one without a lot of stuff I just can't work through at the moment. Meh, I'm happy with my choices, and this summer looks to be one without an awful lot of rugby, so I'm intending to fill it with wrestling, grappling and other athletic events. I'm just angry at myself that it has taken me a decade to get back to where I was back in 1999. I mean there are people at my rugby club who have never seen me under 200 pounds .. how sad is THAT? At least that is over, as I'm never going back to being a fat pig.

Breakfast: roast beef and poached eggs

Lunch: tuna on salad, hummus and veggies

Snack coffee and water

dinner pizza with hot goo on it.

after training: beer

In any case, saw this one .. thought I could use the "rings" pull ups on the TRX ... it bugs me that I haven't been able to get anything done today ... it's like I'm paralyzed or something.....

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