Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sun March 13

OK, I thought today would be fairly laid back, but it wasn't. I woke up stupid early - like 3am. Wide awake. Unreal. I went and did some research, found a few books to place holds on at the local library. I did some reading online about eating Paleo:

Seems there are quite a few recommends for this book, the New Evolution Diet and this book, the Paleo Solution. I set up and downloaded podcasts by Rob Wolff and saw an interview he did on another blog. Then I looked at pictures on facebook of a guy who runs Strength Box - seems he takes food porn pictures. Man, that made me hungry and sleepy.

I went back to bed and got up after eating my pillow .... just kidding.

I did get a respectable workout in, although not the one I had intended. I wanted to do the kettlebell workout from a few days ago, but my middle child wanted to workout too. She's one of those oblivious types, and I knew that. The first set of swings I did, she nearly walked right into the kettlebell. I put it away and we did a MovNat workout, while I added some body weight stuff to get a decent workout.

We jumped, walked on boards and tree trunks, on "Roger" the punching bag and then onto the tire. Later on we added a rope across the room so that to get from one side of the tire to the other you had to keep your balance while swooping underneath. A good warm up for five rounds of this (for me)

20 BW squats
20 feet up push ups
10 ab roll outs
20 sec hold of hand stands
20 KB swings (as long as my kids weren't within five feet... I only got two rounds of this done)

While I did my hand stands (wall assisted), my kids used me as another obstacle to climb under, kinda like a bridge. I'd love to say I got pics of that, but I didn't. Next time.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee, not much else

Lunch: almonds, ham sandwich, more coffee

Dinner: salad, turkey breast, mashed potatoes, corn with birthday cake for dessert. A family function, so it was something that I didn't over do, even though my mother in law was pushing food at me all afternoon. I got home, got my kids in bed and now have to do some thinking and planning for the week. Epic. This is going to be epic.

After I got home, I got myself into a steamy hot bath with some epsom salts. Oh, man was that awesome. If you have a brand you like, lemme know. I'm up for anything. Stiff back and legs after the last few weeks and today's stuff has proven to me the need to roll my muscles and to treat them with care.

Right, I guess the last two weeks I've gotten into the habit of giving the week of training a mark. Well, let's see. No missed workouts, except for Friday. But I did race on Saturday, so I'll give myself a pass on that one. I dunno, kinda unsatisfied with my diet, at least a little, so I'll go with a B. Had I made the class today at the Strength Box instead of having the family thing, I'd almost automatically have given it an A. Meh, there is another Strength Box event next Sunday which I'm pretty sure I can do.

He he... I said "doo"... he he he he ehe he he eh he he

Yes, I named the punching bag "Roger", after the character in the novel Lord of the Flies.


  1. Paleo Solutions is an interesting read, get it soon! Also stop naming your gym equipment, it's getting a little weird. :p

  2. So far, it's just Roger that has a name. A lot of the equipment speaks, they have yet to earn a name.