Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tues March 8

Whoa, nice morning, man.

Decent workout, although a bit short. Good breakfast and I won a coffee. I also got my iPhone working on the wireless at home and at work. It's slow, but it's working at least.

Did this workout (from the iPad version of the Agatsu Magazine app)

warm up

20 swings with right hand (RH)
20 swings (Lh)
20 two arm swings
20 man makers
20 snatches rh

15 figure 8s around the legs
20 two arm swings
20 snatches lh
15 figure 8s around the legs
20 two arm swings

This was pretty good - I certainly felt it after. The funny thing is I did two rounds of this workout, and I should have done four rounds. I did get interrupted by my son, but I know the third and fourth rounds would have been awesome. I will try this one again on Thursday.

I ate this:

Breakfast: two poached eggs and a bit of roast beef.

Lunch: 2 pancakes and fresh fruit (Is IS pancake Tuesday, man...) coffee to drink. Dessert was some sort of thingy of questionable nutritional value. Can't say I liked it, can't say it was good for me. But, when your boss buys food, you try at least one, right? I smiled and smiled and smiled... (Hamlet, Act II, scene ii.)

Dinner 1 pancake, more strawberries and blueberries, OJ to drink.

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