Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday March 29

It was a gong show at work - but I was expecting that. In the end, the day ended, the sun went below the horizon as it always does. S'ok - it'll be back tomorrow. I mentioned that there are people out there making a lot of money by blogging; I'm still not being believed. I keep putting the book "Crush it" in front of them, still not a single taker. Seems people around me want to work for someone else the rest of their lives.

Shame, really.

There was a Mexican standoff in my house today that I had to wade into to restore some semblance of order. Seems my wife wanted a child to eat, the child didn't want to. My job was to sit with the child until it ate, or until bedtime. I sat at the table for two hours. I wish I made that up. After the kids were in bed, my focus shifted to my gym. I spent the next hour on the road to pick up 200 pounds of weights for fifty dollars Cdn.

Yup, that isn't a typo. 200lbs for 50 bucks. I love Kijiji. Pics up tomorrow.

That was my workout time, and I didn't take it. That being said, I know I have to be up early to get tomorrow's workout done. Ugh. That ain't going to be pretty.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: roast beef, veggies and hot goo in a wrap. OJ and coffee to drink.

Snack: hummus and carrots. Water to drink.

Lunch: the usual; carrots, hummus to eat. tuna on salad. Almonds for dessert.

Dinner: steak with chimmichurri sauce, veggies. Salad and fresh strawberries for dessert.

Then I had to sit for two hours. The I picked up weights form some dude's house. That was kinda creepy. He had dolls behind glass, wall to wall shag carpeting, and dingy wall panels. It felt like a television set for an awe murderers house.

Tomorrow will be better. I know it will.

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