Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sat March 26

Yeah, I'm still thinking I should be in Edmonton. Humph. Well, this is just making me want to be at the Nationals next year that much more badly.

I know what I have to do; it is a matter of getting the time for training, man. I am doing the GPP, just not the actual wrestling part of it. This winter was not one of my best in terms of time on the mat - but it was pretty good for time spent actually doing work.

Everything was sore today, and it didn't help that my youngest needed me to be a bed. Seriously, the kid didn't sleep unless I was under or right beside him. So, I waited until they're all in bed and got my half hour walk in. Nice night for it, my knee is a little banged up, though.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: coffee and a timmy ho belt.

Lunch: roast beef wrap; OJ to drink

Dinner was the end of the chili; ground beef, veggies and tomato soup. Water to drink.

Lots of water to drink today. Not much else in the house.

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