Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday March 17

Let's start this one by saying that too many of my family have chosen to pass away on this day to make today a happy one. I'm laying low today, reading, drinking coffee and keeping my mind otherwise occupied.

I did do some surfing around and came across a blog post of a first hand account of a Tough Mudder race. Makes me upset that they pushed the Toronto Tough Mudder off to 2012. I think it'd be a blast, man. At least I know I'm in for the Spartan Race on June 19th.

I guess I want to look forward to tomorrow. I don't like today, even if I am Irish and I'm supposed to celebrate St Patrick's duties by getting falling down sick drunk. Meh, it IS a rugby night...

I ate this today:

Breakfast: steak and eggs. Which was awesome. Coffee to drink.

Lunch: steak and chimichurri sauce. Which in terms of awesome, literally nothing can touch. It was freaking awesome from a bottle.

Dinner: chicken and veggies, white wine to drink.

Post rugby workout meal: mashed potatoes with a beef pie. It was yummy, but of questionable nutritional value. Beer to drink.

Did five rounds of this today:

8-10 deadlifts 160 lbs
10 step ups 20 inch step, last three rounds with 40 lbs backpack
15 push ups
10 bicep curls
10 trcept curls
20 two handed kB swings,
5 chin ups
10 ab roll outs

later on, it was a sprintfest at rugby training. I thought I did OK, but my hands have gone to crap, even if my position on the field requires me to hit things, not handle the ball... I have to be ready for it. Politics in the bar after. I hate that. Should have gone home right after the session... but I had a good time with guys with whom I play rugby. Some of them are looking a lot worse for wear after a winter of doing nothing... but I'm not one. My ass is "looking good" according to one. Meh, he might be gay, but my wife tends to agree, so I'm not going to argue.

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