Friday, December 17, 2010

Fri Dec 17

This had a rough start to the day. My boy isn't sleeping well and I've gotten into the habit of staying up even after I get him asleep. I've been watching an a number of my podcasts on the big screen television, which I though would put me to sleep.

No dice.

In any case, I've got today to get through then off for two weeks. I'm hoping it all works out and that everyone in my family is at least content. Dunno. Middle child is cranky we missed her daycare's party yesterday. I'm not. That place is a perfect incubator for flu and other sicknesses. Who wants that over the Break?

I'm thinking today is a rest day. Perhaps a short run. Or a short workout. A lot of that going on today. My body needs rest, man. More stretching, too. I want to get to blue so badly right now .... I need to get out of the house, too. Running serves both ideas at the moment, man. Whoosh!

Saw this today:

Ate this today:

Breakfast: nothing - I was impressed I recalled my name this morning.

Lunch: meatballs, samosas, spicy wraps of questionable nutritional value. Water to drink. I gave away all the candy people were giving me. A year ago, I ate it all.

Snack: more meatballs, handful of grapes.

Dinner: two slices of pizza my wife ordered. They did not go down well.

Not the best diet, I know. The worst thing was getting home, I went and had a nap instead of doing even a quick workout. I was exhausted. I still am, even after a few naps today.

Tonight, no workout. No run, nothing. I will make up for today. I have to.

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