Friday, December 24, 2010

Fri Dec 24

Today was busy. Up in the morning to fight my way in to the Mall to finish off my gift list and then home. That sounds simple, but involved a lot more than just one guy, one van and one list. I'm just glad I got home in one piece.

Made it to the rugby club's carol singing, then home then to church. I was constantly on the move, constantly being asked to get things done. I got them done and more

I am grateful that my body works as well as it does, I am grateful that my family is healthy this holiday season and has been healthy thus far. I know that I am a very lucky man to have three children and a wife who love me very much. They will have a full tree experience tomorrow and they know they they are very lucky to have it, too.

Everything I have isn't as a result of chance - I have a great family who want me to be happy. My parents, my siblings, my wife my children are all apart of what it is that I am, and what I can do and what I am doing. I stand on their shoulders to do great things.

That being said, I brought the cookies my children made with my mother to the rugby club so I wouldn't be the one eating all of them. I ate one instead of several hundred.

I ate thie today:

Breakfast coffee

Lunch tuna wraps ; tuna with mayo, veggies and hummus. OJ to drink

Dinner; chicken breast with rice and salad. Beer to drink.

Beer while I was being Santa. It made things go more smooth.

No workout yet, but I will be going up and down stairs a few times to get things together. I may go out into the garage in a while and ponder life, and I may do something while there.

Merry Christmas - let's hope the next 100 days are as fun as the last 100 have been!


  1. Merry x-mas! Good to know you've shared those cookies, I usually give most of mine away otherwise it's gunnna be a lot of work to burn them off later.

  2. They are really good cookies, but I don't have the time to work the calories off at the they had to go. Merry Christmas to you too, Boris. I'll likely see you Monday at FACT.