Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tues Dec 14

Another step back to normal. Awesome. I had a pretty early start, but my newborn loves to sleep when I hold him, so we sleep a lot. Who knew that men liked to nap?

Anyway, ate this today:

Breakfast smoothie was a good switch back. Coffee.

Lunch was at 10 am - tuna and veggie wraps (no hummus today) Almonds and water to drink.

Lunch lunch was a tuna salad. I was so hungry.

Dinner was pasta with veggies. Water to drink. Almonds for dessert.

After run snack ... dunno, haven't had it yet.

The run tonight made me realize that I'm making progress. I'm in not bad shape - perhaps better than I thought. 7.5 k run in 38 minutes is, well, better than I've done in a while. A long while. I'm also thinking that ... with a little simple math here ... that I could do a sub hour 10 k run ... by the end of December.

How'd that grab you by the testicles and run with them, eh?

I've done that once before - a 58 minute run on a treadmill, which I thought was going to hurt me. If I recall, I had to limp off and stretch for days after. I'd do it before the end of December to make sure my Nike+ profile reached a new level before the end of 2010. Shallow and vain, I know ... but a feather in my cap. If I don't play rugby this summer, I'd be running for the five months I usually take off; who knows, maybe train for a half -marathon in the fall... I went dreaming there for a minute, but it was a good minute.

I'd like to make sure I get to Edmonton, I have to make sure my family is healthy and happy. I'd like to get back on a mat and earn back some self respect and the respect of my peers and those around me.

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