Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sun Dec 26

went to bed semi early last night and then had to get up to feed my boy. After he was fed and back asleep, I went for a run. That was pretty dark out there - finished by 7am.

The rest of the day was a blur - getting the kids to my parent's place, waiting at the Oakville hospital for two hours while the staff there dithered. My kid got seen, got a script and a shot. Another day wasted. Glad I got it together and got the run in, otherwise I'd be pissed at myself right now.

Ate this today:

Breakfast: tuna wraps, after the run. Down to less than 3kms to Blue.

Lunch: bowl of Timmy's chili as I waited for the doctor to find himself.

Dinner: ham, veggies and two salads: fruit and regular. Beer to drink. My parents place was cleaned up after everyone left this morning.

I also got a chance to check my weight after the dinner was done. I'm sad to report I'm down only to 237. But that is the kicker - I'm a lot less fat, too. I didn't measure that - I did take before pics at the start of Sept. and I have more muscle. But that doesn't count at Nationals. I have to hit 211. I'm also thinking that I am down from 255 at this time last year. When I started this, I was 244. Anyway you look at it, I'm making slow progress. December has been a rough month for me - diet and workouts always a distant second to my newborn.

I'm thinking I need to step onto the bandwagon, give up beer and see where that gets me. I don't want to cut out all the carbs and go totally rabbit food on myself, at least not yet, but I know one thing: Diet is king here, man. That, and I need to get on a mat.

On a final note, I ot my wife to listen to some of Morgan Spurlock's book Don't Eat This Book, which may be slightly hysterical, but it got us talking about our diet. She also commented that for the last little while, I've been making something for the rest of the family to eat while I made myself something healthier. I hadn't realized that I was doing that - but I'm glad I'm married to her, as she noticed it. When she's done breastfeeding, I know she wants to get her body back to the way it was when we met. Dec 29th, 2010 is nine years married!

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