Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wed Dec 15

I was floating around today and saw this:

but then saw this one, and was really impressed with it:

I ate this:

Breakfast : smoothie and coffee to drink on my way in

Lunch ate it early; tuna on salad. Almonds and water.

After work snack: chicken breast. Yummy.

Dinner: a slice of pizza with my kids. Water to drink

Did this:

seven rounds of this:

10 40 lb KB swings
5 chin ups
8-10 KB rows

then went for a 30 minute run - got a 5k run in. Felt just awful during the run, but better after. I had to do some foam rolling to get my legs to even speak to me, man. It was awful. I was pretty cranky, man.


  1. Hey Mark,
    What is the name of those straps he is using in the videos?

  2. That's a TRX - I have one, too. They're pretty cool. is their website, but I got mine from Craigslist for 100.