Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wed Dec 22

I'm off to a slow start today - feeding baby and getting my other two to help me make scrambled eggs tends to do that. I just got them settled in on their kitchen chairs and saw this:

Not sure I should have seen that - now I want to train my restarts with a narrow space between my feet, instead of at least shoulder width apart. I do like the switch at 3:07, too. That's cool, man.

I did this today:

25 minutes, finished 7 or eight rounds.

10 KB swings 53 lb bell
6-8 deadlifts 160 lbs
10 TRX BW rows
10 incline push ups
5 chin ups
10 40 lb KB OH presses
10 30 lb flies

I also got a short run in - but long enough to put my PB for the 5k at 23:41. Seriously, if I get something close to that on the Resolution Run, I'll be impressed. Played a little bit with the toes, extending them, kicking at the end of the stride, too. Knees, too. Got them up a little higher during a part of the run, which raised the pace a little. Can't help but be a little suspicious of the Nike+ sensor today.

I ate this today:

Breakfast coffee and water with a tuna and veggie wrap. My scrambled eggs got stolen.

Snack Almonds and lots of water.

Lunch roast beef and veggie (pepper, hot pepper and onion) sandwich. Water to drink.

Watched The Expendables today - that Sly Stallone and his HGH ... looked awesome. That Randy Couture and his cauliflower ear looked ok. Glad they didn't give him a lot of lines.

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