Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sat dec 4

OK, there wasn't a workout in the traditional sense today. I was on the move since 7am this morning, and it just hasn't stopped. I drove from Oakville to Toronto, to Burlington to Oakville to Burlington to Oakville to Burlington today. With stops at a huge mall, my parent's place, piano lessons, my church, another mall, a grocery store and the hospital, twice. I got a fair amount of the Born to Run book read while on these drives.

But it's all worth it, as I got my son home today. We need to go back and get him checked out tomorrow, but that should be a slam dunk. At least that is my plan. Let's see if my boy can get his job done tonight and tomorrow.

I'm sore, I should have worked out this afternoon, but instead had a nap. Sue me.

I ate ok today:

Breakfast: timmy ho belt, coffee to drink.

Lunch: a few small pieces of roast beef on a plate some almonds and water to drink

Dinner: Vegetable soup and a good roast beef sandwich. A small glass of red wine to drink.

Snack: OJ and some almonds. Almonds and water to drink throughout the day.

Sleep? What's sleep?

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