Monday, December 13, 2010

Mon Dec 13

OK, relax ... I made it back to work today, got my diet back under friggin control, too.

I also got a chance to do some research for myself today. I found a new CrossFit place in Burlington. Not the closest to my house, but one which features MMA. If you read the articles/bios, I'm feeding my own opinion that I need to keep up my Wrestling Certifications and earning a black belt in ... something. I need to get back on the mat.

Before I do those things, I need to work on my basic fitness. I need to keep working on what I can do, what I look like and just make a better me. Why? Because I'm just pissed at what I let myself become. And I don't think that I'll be able to look my son in the face and be proud of what I am if I am a friggin pudgy "former" wrestler. I also listened to ZEE on a Crossfit internet radio station. It was kinda painful listening to most of the show, but I did listen to ZEE's advice about training during wrestling season. For me, personally, it doesn't apply.

I also found this Url for a decent wrestling mat for my garage. Might start saving for this one, man. But I got to think that if I do that, I'm going to have to start getting on the rest of my family to start working out with me. Otherwise, all this money, effort and time is merely self serving.

Anyway, I ate this today:

Breakfast: Coffee. Needed coffee. Was up at 4am for a while. No smoothie as my boy was asleep.

Lunch: Tuna hummus veggie wrap with a side order of Almonds. Water to drink.

Dinner: I showed my wife my lunch and had the same again, with Tomato soup.

After dinner, did this workout:

105 KB swings, rounds of 15 swings
5 pull ups
5 clean and jerks with 100 lb barbell

then went on a five kilometer run.

After I got my wife and newborn to chill, read this post and felt compelled to link to it here. Cool pic, too.


  1. Another CF gym in the GTA, wow those things are like wildfire... They just keep spreading...

  2. There's like four within a ten minute drive of my house that I know about. I'm sure at least one of my neighbours is running one out of his basement... ;)

  3. I find CF gyms to be a hit and miss, many misses IMHO.

    Well I hope you find in there something worth while.

  4. I'll save my money, work out at home and still enjoy being fit. I need a wrestling club more than I need a fitness club at the moment.