Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wed Dec 8

My life took a left turn today - I'm writing this with my boy on my chest, my laptop beside me. One finger style.

I ate well today:

Breakfast - smoothie

Snack during a meeting; bagel with butter

Lunch: chilli and coffee

Dinner: roast beef wrap with tomatoes and salad. Water to drink.

I had to leave work early to take my wife to the hospital, then leave her there to take care of the rest of my family. This is really hard stuff, man. Life has me by the short and curlies at the moment. I know this is temporary, but it is kinda scary.

I'll get back to it, man. I will. My boy is sleeping so well on my chest. Eating like a pig .... burping like his old man after a night in the pub, too.

later, watched this

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