Monday, December 6, 2010

Mon Dec 6

I'm really trying to get into the Christmas spirit ... but just can't seem to get there. I went to get some things for my wife and children today from a drug store near my house ... and the music they were playing just made me want to sprint out to the car, man. Ugh.

Don't get me wrong, I like the holidays, certainly I want to take the time I am given with my children and re-connect with them after a busy November; but I'm just fed up with people "being nice" for one month of the year. Should be all the time.

I had a busy day - lots of prep to put the finishing touches on things at work. Lots of doctor's appointments these days, too. Made it to work today with minutes to spare. Tomorrow is going to be the same, I think.


In any case, I did eat "ok" today. I did also work on Windmills yesterday and today after my workouts.

This is what I did five rounds of just now:

20 push ups, various heights for the legs, various hand positions.
15 BW squats
15 40 lb KB swings
5 OH KB Snatch per side
10 tricep push downs
10 bicep curls

I felt good afterwards. To top it off, when I finished, I walked into my living room to see my wife and youngest fast asleep. My workout was so quiet, they were able to fall asleep during it. That's why I got into KB's in the first place, man. Fitness at a very soft volume...;)

I ate ok today, too:

Smoothie for breakfast: frozen berries and OJ with some GJ, too.

During the Dr. appointment, I went and had a Timmy Ho's Bagel belt. My stomach was growling loudly enough for the lady in the next stall to hear it. Seriously. No coffee.

Lunch was a roast beef sandwich. Coffee to drink. (Just one, man!) Extra RB on the side, too. No veggies, but ... I had to get moving.

Water at work.

Dinner was good soup Red Pepper soup from Campell's. Really, really good soup. And a bun.

After workout snack was OJ and a banana.

I got my kids to their various events, went shopping with my five year old. She's just so cool, man. I'm wondering what I did before I was married and had kids that was as fun. Seriously, she's just that cool, man. Anyway, tomorrow is another hard one.

I jsut saw this; this is cool, and up the same alley as I think I need to go.

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