Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sat Dec 18

I felt a metric tonne load better this morning, after getting some sleep (not a lot, but some) and a short run in the morning. I just like running - gets my mind out of where it is ... the sweat just cleans my mind, like water cleans an old blackboard.

I just feel better after a run.

The fact that all of the world champions in wrestling and boxing also run isn't a bad reason to run, either. ;)

Ate this today:

Breakfast poached egg with veggie wraps. Coffee to drink.

Lunch poached eggs with chicken. It was eaten one handed with my son in the other.

Dinner was a small organic pizza. 650 calories of yummy. Beer to drink.

I went on a second run tonight, to bring today's run total to 11.39 kilometres. That's pretty far. My Nike+ sensor also does a decent job counting calories, and it counted 1,318 calories for today's efforts. That my friends, is good news. Would have been better without so bad a diet, but alas, that is how my days are rolling.

Right, before the second run, I also did five rounds of this:

15 two handed swings 40 lb KB
6-8 reps Military barbell press, 90lbs
10 TRX rows

So .. I went for a run, hung with family, workout, then another run today. Pretty awesome. Down to 32 kms left to go to turn blue on that silly Nike+ website. Talked about the Spartan Race with my wife today, too. That also looks good for June 19th. I'm also looking for a 1km fun run to do with my kids when the weather turns warm. It was a good day for talking to my kids about fitness, man. They're awesome.


  1. The Nike+ is a decent little tool, I've been using it sense back in 2008, but we warned that they can often be off by a much as 20% usually faster. So that if you think you've covered 5km you may have done less. Calibration is the key, I do mine around a 400meter track and mine is usually only off by .01meters for every km. You'll get blue in no time, my next level is black and I got some 2,000km to go before I get there.

    Also the spartan race sounds like fun, you should also try the 10k mud run.

  2. I calibrated this one on the track at the Oakville Y - mine was shorting me of distance out of the box. Thanks for the info on the Mud Run, B.