Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sun Dec 12

Today was not a good day for this endeavour. Diet was off and I was kinda tight for time today.

I ate this:

nothing until lunch.

Some potato chips. Coffee to drink before my son's baptism.

After the event, ate spicy chicken cassrole my mom made. A few hours later, I'm still burping acid.




I was so tired, as the last of my family and guests left, I went upstairs and took a nap. It's been unreal this last few days without my wife at home during the nights. I picked her up from the hospital before the baptism, and I've never been happier in my life for someone to be around.

After the nap, I cleaned up, then went into the garage and did two sets of the following:

10 barbell snatches (100 pounds)
3 SH KB snatch

I think I have a decent KB snatch and general technique. The barbell ... not so much. I'm thinking this is where I spend my money next: proper lifting technique .... as soon as I save up the money and get some spare time.

I'm just glad I got to watch GSP beat the crap out of Kos' eye. That was a heck of a set of jabs to the face. Neat that I could watch it while cuddling with my newborn in his bedroom. I heart wireless technology.

I'm sure hoping this week is more normal than last week. I'm friggin' exhausted. Going to bed.

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