Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tues dec 28

This was an odd day. I went to bed about 6am. I took care of my boy until then, I was up until then, too. Fell asleep at 6am. I wanted to go for a run, but put it off until this evening.

I fell asleep and got up about 10am - and helped my kids put together a plan for the day. We wanted to do ceramic painting got there in reasonable time, to find out it was closed. We went out for lunch instead.

I got home and napped again. I had to, I was just exhausted. Which, I find, makes it really easy to cheat on a diet. Citing exhaustion really makes it easy to cheat.

In any case, I got up, cleaned the living room, went for a 5k run and then made the family dinner, then got them in bed. In any case, I got to Blue at the Nike+ website. I also discovered Slowgeek.com, a website which takes the data from Nike and does some magical stuff with it. Kinda neat. I'm pretty sure there are other similar sites out there, I just haven't gone too far in looking for them.

Right, now that the Nike+ thing is complete, I'm going to be getting back into my garage and doing the lifting that I need to do. I'm also going to be getting on a mat soon, too.

I am thinking about giving the 25 bucks to the CrossFit Journal so I can drown in the articles they publish. I mean ... when I started this journey, I wanted a change. Is that where I want to go?

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