Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thurs Dec 23

Ugh today. I knew that if I didn't run in the morning, I wasn't going to get one in.

What did I do? I missed a run today. I was driving the car or visiting with family the rest of the day. I tried really hard not to let my "ba humbug" spirit get out. I think I did a decent job. I still have my wife to buy for tomorrow.

I ate this today:

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, with some veggies tossed in, too

Lunch was a burger with a few fries. Beer to drink with a buddy I don't see very often

Dinner was chicken with rice and veggies. Water to drink. Almonds as dessert.

Anyway, I didn't have a lot of time today. So, I did this when I could. Kids were in front of the TV, PJs on, ready for bed. Some Christmas special I would have mocked, so I went into the garage and did four or fiv rounds of this:

15 BW Squats
6-8 deadlifts 160 lbs (perhaps Santa will breing me a few more 50 lb plates)
10 tricep extensions 30 lbs
10 bicep curls 30 lbs
10 40 lb KB snatches

I jsut kept going until I heard my kids running up the stairs. I went in and tucked them into bed, had a shower and now am looking after my newborn son. On to 3am.

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