Monday, December 27, 2010

Mon dec 27

This was a tough day. At 3am, my boy just wouldn't stop fussing and crying. My wife came downstairs, picked him up ... and he kept on fussing and crying. After a while, he fell asleep, and so did I. My kids woke me up on my recliner about 8am. My two older girls are just friggin awesome. They went into the basement, got themselves a movie going and just chilled.

I rewarded them with an awesome breakfast of scrambled eggs, juice and some toast. I went to bed after they started eating, too tired to even shovel food in my mouth.

This is what I ate:

Breakfast: coffee and water, multivitamin.

Lunch: tuna on two little cresent rolls. Water to drink.

Dinner: chicken with rice and stir fried veggies. I put some roast beef into the slow cooker

After run snack: roast beef wrap. simply awesome. Glass of red wine.

The run was 5.6 kms - more than enough to get me past the 1000km mark on the Nike+ website. Currently it's kind of pissing me off as it isn't getting itself together enough to turn colours. I know it is a small thing in the real scheme of things - but when that profile turns blue, I can go back to kettlebelling.

Oh, right. I should have been at FACT tonight. Had to weasel out as I was otherwise needed at home. Wife is back on anti-biotics, as is my youngest. I'm the one keeping the whole show in the road, so to speak. I'm just glad I didn't have to spend a few hours waiting for some frigging doctor or nurse to push paper at me. I was needed to get everything together, hug, tell stories and get people into bed. Wanna try doing that with an infant in your hands?

Yeah, neither did I.


  1. I think the nike+ site has you hooked bad. I like the little tool quite a bit but I hope to move up to a garmin or some other GPS soon, still gunna retain the little pod for the treadmill though.

  2. I've hit the stupid new colour - I've already mode the conscious decision to do a run only every other day for the time being. I'm looking at a few running events this summer, rather than rugby.

    That being said, I'm getting itchy to get into my garage, but I'm stuck under my newborn.

  3. So giving up Rugby all together? Boo!

    Yeah running is fun, what distances are you looking into it?

  4. I'll pay my membership in full, and I'll play if needed, but too much time is needed to make a full commitment this year. I've got a full plate. Besides, it's almost at the point where it isn't fun anymore.

  5. Not fun anymore? Is what aspect the injuries, the training or the actual play?

    I know I tire of the training and the injuries but never of the play.

  6. the actual play is fun - the team I play for keeps winning the league - but some of the people there and their bullshit makes it almost not worth it.

    The beer is also not helpful with my efforts here.