Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Dec 5

OK, the child is finally on a feeding frenzy with my wife, and so I get to blog.

I did five rounds of this workout today:

15 wall squats (knees and toes within an inch of the wall)
20 incline push ups ( one leg for ten, then the other up for ten)
10 KB press ups each side (30 lb KB)
10 TRX body pull ups
15 40 lb KB swings

man, this looks simple but is not. Snot.

I ate this today

Breakfast: scrambled egg wrap - I had to move fast.

Snack: coffee, which I should not have had.

Lunch: coffee and a bit of my child's bagel (I think) - things get a little dicey around nap time.

Dinner chicken with some veggies. Some breaded chicken that my kids "made" me eat.

Since then, a lot of OJ. It's been very good for me.

OK, man, I hear children crying ... I have to go.

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