Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday Dec 2

Man, I love abusing the rules to my own advantage. Today was one of the days that I cheated my butt off - I mean, I abused the rules to my own advantage.

Same diff, but one isn't legal, one is.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: smoothie; OJ, GJ and frozen fruit.

Lunch: egg at the hospital, coffee with my wife at the hosptial

Pre work snack: Sirloin on a bun, water to drink. Coffee when I got to work.

After work meal: onion soup at Timmy Ho's

After I got home meal: meat balls on a bun. Water to drink.

After workout: glass of red wine.

I had a rather harrowing day - lots of start and stop, furious action then nothing. Baby talk from the nurses, then Shakespeare. Does it get weirder? Oh, it might.

Anyway, I got the kids to bed after a visit, then did the same workout as yesterday:

Five rounds of this:

15 BW squats
15 push ups
5 chin ups
10 40 lb KB TH swings
10 KB press
8 KB rows

that was good enough to get a sweat going late at night. I then went through a crap load of report cards, team photos and other ephemeria from my childhood that my dad found in his crawlspace to get my child a cradle. I'm wondering if I ever had a decent haircut until after high school.

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