Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Dec 30

I laughed at today ... seriously.

I got my newborn to bed at about 5:30 ... and I was wiiiiiiiiide awake. So, I did what I would do ... I went for a 6k run. My wife had a "you're crazy but I love you" look on her face when I got back. I showered, then went for a Timmy Ho's run. I felt stronger for not getting any crappy food.

Here is what I ate;

Breakfast: tuna, veggie and hummus wrap

lunch: feta cheese and veggie wrap. a beer to drink.

dinner BBQ steak, salad with a side of veggies. I love BBQing at home. Meals for the week!

Later, I did three rounds of:

5 deadlifts 160 lbs
4 chin ups
10 BW squats

Why? so that I could say I did them. Anyway, off for a bit of fun, then up for family time tomorrow, a race then a nice quiet New Years Eve with my "five family", as my five year old puts it. I count myself blessed far beyond anything I deserve. Seriously.

Oh, just recalled, have to do a KB workout before doing the Run tomorrow. And take pics. "cause I told ZEE I would. In his awesome t-shirt.

I wish McNeil would have t-shirts. I'd but at least two of his... (hint, hint)...

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