Friday, December 3, 2010

Fri Dec 3

OK, today was pretty much a copy of yesterday until about 4:30. Got my kids to school, got to the hospital, got something to eat, got to work, got my kids and went back to the hospital. Right now I'm at home alone, washing some baby clothes to go back in a few minutes. In that hour or so, I did some shopping and some working out.

I did this workout for 25 minutes, as many rounds as possible:
1) Tire DL + 80 lbs x 5 reps (total weight was 220lbs)
2) Bodyweight Pulling x 10 (on the TRX)
3) Bodyweight Pushing x 10 (both legs on the tire)
4) 53 lb KB Swing x 10
5) OH 20 lb weights walking lunges x 50'
6) Sledge Hammer x 10
7) jump onto height (sb on top of the milk crate)
8) tricep extensions with the band, off of the chin up bar then bicep curls (band with handles)

I ate this today:

Smoothie for breakfast
meat sandwich on a pita for lunch. Coffee, too. Water to drink all day.
sirloin steak on a bun for after work snack

I'm posting this before going back to the hospital, so I might have something else to eat before I get locked in tonight. Who knows?

Anyway, kinda hoping life gets back to being home based tomorrow. Would be nice.

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