Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wed Dec 29th

I love having time off from work. It's even better when it is PAID time off work. Well, not really, I get a salary and I got the next part of it today. Made it to ceramic painting today, but my iPhone was out of juice, so no pics. Meh, s'ok. When I go to pick it up, I'll post a pic here of my handiwork. Not a bad date (or gift to myself) for my ninth wedding anniversary.

My wife had to hit a doctor's appointment today, and so I got lunch ready for three kids and myself. I must say I was pretty impressed with my lunch preparations today. I'm going to get a kettlebell/garage workout in. I made a few new facebook friends today - one of which runs the CrossFit place closest to my house. I keep thinking about getting myself further educated in the business of fitness, but I think that is a goal at least a year away. For the time being, I'm just going to get under the iron and focus on that. At least until I have to start worrying about making weight.

I ate this:

Breakfast: coffee

Lunch: roast beef wraps, prime rib soup. (not a typo) OJ and GJ to drink.

Dinner: Roast chicken, 5 smilie fries, veggies and OJ to drink.

I did this for 27 min, AMRAP

8-10 deadlift 160 lbs
10-15 40 (later rounds used the 53 lb KB) dh swings
15-20 legs elevated push ups
8-10 tricep extensions
10 bicep curls
20 BW Squats
8-10 30 lb flies
8-10 50 lb rows

I did 6 rounds of this. It was pretty awesome getting back under the metal today. I moved the car out of the garage to give me more space. It was pretty chilly, so not very much sweat, not until I went inside when I was done. Speaking of sweat, I got to have a bath tonight, too. I had a bath with my son - no pics on this one, man. Sorry.

Have been doing a lot of reading from the CrossFit Journal today - lots of free and semi - free articles. Good information. I've been wondering about the difference between this type of learning v a traditional classroom learning. Fat phys Ed teachers drive me nuts. Smoking and obese nurses drive me batty, too. If you learn how to lift weights and live a healthy lifestyle, you might want to already be that person.

Seems our schools have been letting our children down - How high are the obesity rates in Canada these days? My kids only get to run around at recess and after school at gymnastics or swimming... why not everyday at school? Why can't the emphasis be on a well rounded student who stays off of the welfare rolls be more important than a student who can do well on a series of government run tests and be on all kinds of health care rolls?


  1. thanks, man! feels like I blinked and I'm nine years in...

  2. If your kids are in elementary school, they should be getting 20 minutes of "intense" exercise everyday, and this does not include recess. DPA (daily physical activity) is mandated for everyday that the student does not have phys. ed class.

  3. Jose far as I know, they are getting it once a week. From what I see when I go to pick them up, there are an awful lot of children out of shape and not very happy with who they are - and they are in the younger grades of elementary school.

  4. If I were you and was concerned about it,I would call your kids' teachers and make sure that they are getting PDA on all non-gym days. I know that it is a big deal in our board because our principle made sure that we all had it in our schedule (if teachers accually do it is a different story). I know that in my school not all teachers do everyday as they should, but if you ask them about it, they will not have a choice because rain or shine, it is mandated. Even with my tight schedule (grade 8) I make time for it every non-gym day.